For over 30 years Kay Taylor Parker has been working with Inner Family work.  "It is the foundation of healing," Kay claims.  "Without an understanding of, and interaction with, these inner parts of you, you may never find the results you so desire."   These are our dream stealers and saboteurs and no amount of intellectual application will resolve their pain.   It is only with love and tender communication with your inner family you will bring those levels into harmony, and achieve peace of mind, body and spirit.

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SOUL MENTORING with Kay Taylor Parker

How to Move through Fear into Trust.   Living from your Heart.

Identifying areas of disconnect within due to trauma, abuse, family history, past-life carry-through.

Bringing down the inner walls caused by fear and reinstating trust.

Creating Harmony with the Inner Selves!

Introductory offer:

First session $175  (2 hours)

Package of 3 sessions  $475

By appointment only - in person or by Skype

Tel:  707 - 933-6395


Diacom Biofeedback - most advanced technology out of Russia

Through graphs, images, co-efficients and now Meridians, we can read and determine

the stress levels throughout your body.  Then with the help of the software, we can adjust

the frequencies with healing and remedy drinks, and suggest supplements and other ways to correct the issue/s.   Each session ends with a detox.

 $125 per session

Call Deborah at 818 3524600 for an appointment

or email