Box of 6  :    $12

Use these stickers to place on your cell phone, computer, TV, anything that emits harmful elements.  Protects you!

FOOT DETOX PADS        $10

One box contains 10 pads, so five treatments used on both feet.   Dispels toxins, promotes metabolism, blood circulation, relieves swelling and pain, relaxes muscles and tendons, promotes sleep and relieves fatigue, improves functions of vital organs.

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21 germanium balls.  Roll it on your face, neck, arms, legs, back, under feet.  Invigorates, gets the blood circulating, balances positive & negative ions.


Five each Germanium and Far-infrared balls.  1/4" wide and silver in color.

Enhances blood circulation, eliminates fatigue and prompts metabolism.

GIFT PACKAGE           $99

The gift that keeps on giving!   Four products in one package - a Roller, Wand, Bracelet and Pendant.  A very thoughtful gift, and instructions included for each.

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We ship using a small USPS Priority Box to protect the products, so whatever fits into that box, will be your shipping charge.  Any extra shipping charges paid by you will be refunded thru Paypal. Larger boxes are used for larger products like the shower head and beauty bath balls.   

If you wish to make a purchase with a credit card, call (818) 3524600 to place your order.   If you intend buying in bulk (10 or more) please ask for wholesale pricing. International shipping charges are higher and will be confirmed at the time of shipping. Thank you.

These products have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not intended to treat, heal, diagnose or prevent disease.  It is advised to consult your health care professional before use.

Bath Beauty Balls       $25

Each ball contains pellets consisting of germanium and medical stones, and both are Anion and Bacteriostatic activated.   Place them in bath water to help remove chlorine, and help with your overall well-being.

Zero Point ENERGY WAND   $35 ea

A natural energy-generating device.

Set your Intent and co-create with the Wand whether on yourself, other people, plants, animals, food, water.

​You are responsible for the results you get!  Use your Intent well !


Improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism, relieves muscle pain & stiffness, eliminates fatigue, awakes immune system.


The colorful necklace is a natural Tourmaline terahertz energy stone, producing far-infrared & negative ion energy.   It improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism, relieves muscle pain and stiffness, eliminates fatigue, awakens the immune system.  It strengthens the body's bio-energy field. Great for stress, insomnia, neck pain etc.


Silver in color, 9 inches long with

8 magnets touching the skin. Great for arthritis and achey arm joints.


For phones, laptops, computers, digital cameras and camcorders.  Reduces the emitted radiation by approx. 97%. Made of 24K gold plating & will last 6 years.  Tested with an EMF meter and reduces radiation by more than 100 times.  Also helps increase battery life.

                                         ZERO POINT ENERGY TOOLS


                                         Whizz Your Way To Wellness!

We are so excited to be able to offer you this selection of energy tools to assist you with daily aches and pains ...... they are for Amplifying and Directing Conscious Intent, not to cure or treat medical conditions.



80 germanium balls and 1/2" wide.  Enhances

immune function, kills bacteria, regulates

cholestrol & blood pressure, and removes toxins.



Lava rock (negative ion) in front, 2 far-infrared

and a magnet on the back. Press the back on any

pain especially arthritis, and feel it disappear

within minutes!