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-   A Lightworkers Haven  -


The Original Light Table featuring 48 colored lights, each one consisting of 85 different flower and gem essences.  Soak up the color to balance your chakras and release blockages, and watch as the pendulum swings freely again.  For best results, wear light colored clothing.  1 hour $45   



Hands on Healing on a regular massage table.  1 hour $60.    Or, combine Reiki with Chromatherapy on the Light table.    1 hour $85.


Enjoy this in the Studio or the gardens, weather permitting!   It's a tandem system so bring a friend and save.   Herbal tea will be served.     $20 per person for an hour or $15 each if there are 2 of you.

BIOFEEDBACK & MERIDIANS  - EARLY WARNING DETECTION!                                                                                                                  

We are dedicated to helping people restore their health and prevent unnecessary degeneration through the most advanced technology today.


The Diacom program is based on the measurement of physical and biological frequency, using a non-linear system of analysis.   It has the possibility to reach areas of the body that could normally not be reached, so thereby allows for the early detection of energy deviations and abnormalities that do not yet have symptoms.  It's 99.9% reliable, so a wonderful way to keep abreast of any possible future issues.

Our device communicates to us the condition of the entire body, including all the organs, blood cells, chromosomes, micro-organisms etc.   Through graphs, images, co-efficients and now Meridians, we can read and determine the stress levels.  Then with the help of the software, we can adjust the frequencies, and suggest foods, supplements and other ways to correct the issue.

It's painless, safe, non-invasive and effective.


1.5 HOUR - $125